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Gender bias runs rampant in courts, and in the case of alimony, that could come at a high financial cost to you. Kenny Leigh and Associates provides the support, representation, and advocacy you need to stop that from happening. Our alimony lawyer in Pensacola, FL, works with you to determine alimony, modifications, and payment plans as needed. Whether you're the sole breadwinner or a househusband, we stand by you throughout the process to assure you of a fair solution to your separation agreement.

You never want to underestimate the importance of post-separation support. If your partner was providing for you financially, you want to know that you'll still have what you need even after you and your partner go your separate ways. There's a lot that goes into determining alimony, such as the financial needs and standards of living of both parties, present incomes or lack thereof, debts, who's caring for any dependent children, and more. You don't want to try and navigate that without an expert on your side, and that's exactly what we offer you.

What Our Alimony Attorney Can Do

Ending your marriage or partnership shouldn't have to mean losing your way of life and your ability to meet basic living needs, nor should it mean you have to pay for someone who is capable of supporting themselves. Over our decade and a half in practice, we've helped hundreds of men deal with the difficult business of alimony. Whether you're facing it for the first time or looking to modify an existing plan, we're qualified to see it done with your best interests in mind.

An experienced spousal support attorney is especially important for men since there are still courts with prejudiced notions about gender roles. The notion that women must have men providing for them is harmful to everyone involved and could see you getting saddled with a higher burden of support than is fair. We put a stop to that.

Dividing a House in Pensacola, FL

Alimony With Children

Post-separation support for spouses is complicated enough, but when child support is added to the mix, the finances get even trickier. Your best option is to hire an attorney who can deal with both. We have experience in each of these fields and can help you through negotiating support regarding your spouse and any minor children you may have. When you come to us, you can count on our help from start to finish.

Our professionals care about your rights. Contact us to meet with our attorney in or near Pensacola, Escambia County, Santa Rosa Beach, and Milton, FL, and the neighboring communities.