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Every decent father wants his children to have what they need, and at Kenny Leigh and Associates, we feel the same way. Our child support lawyer in Pensacola, FL, collects all of the applicable information needed to determine what's required in a child support case. While we want your children to be provided for, we also want to ensure that your rights aren't abused. You should never have to pay more than you can afford. Our team is dedicated to helping fathers receive fair treatment under the law, free of the biases that plague the courts.

Although the need to make these payments is often both necessary and understandable, hiring a lawyer for child support is crucial to the process being completed as it should be. If the rate that's set is too high and you're unable to meet it, you could be denied access to your children. Worse, the other parent may try to use them against you. We work with you to avoid that financial and emotional devastation. Our professionals keep your needs and the needs of your children in mind and work out a solution that's fair for everyone.

A Child Support Attorney With Experience

We have more than 16 years of defending men and fathers under our belt and are proud of what we've accomplished for our clients. Our lawyer fights the label of "deadbeat dad" and works with you to calculate costs accurately. We also represent clients like you in child custody matters, because how often you have your kids is one of the factors in how much you pay.

Your income and the number of children are the other deciding factors, and with our services, there won't be any misconception as to how much you make. 

Making You More Than a Check to Your Children

The last result you want from your divorce is to have your involvement in your kids' lives reduced to sending them or their other parent money. Our child support lawyer knows that fathers are much more than mere breadwinners and should be treated as such. We're qualified to represent you in custody, mediation, separation agreements, and more. Your children are likely the most important people in the world to you, and we take that seriously. Our team gives you the legal services that you and they need and deserve.

Contact our legal experts as soon as possible to increase your chance of a better outcome. We fight for the fathers of Pensacola, Escambia County, Santa Rosa Beach, and Milton, FL, and the surrounding communities.