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Of all of the essential parts of going through a separation or divorce, parental custody is considered by many to be the most important of all. Kenny Leigh and Associates offers child custody lawyers in Pensacola, FL, who focus on representing fathers and occasionally grandparents. We advocate your custody rights in court and can help with custody modifications too if necessary. From child support to protection orders, we act as a complete source for all things family law.

In addition to the mess of paperwork and red tape that comes with any legal process, men are burdened with the obstacle of sexism. Centuries of the false cultural belief that it's the woman's job to care for kids has made courts reluctant to separate children from mothers even when it may be necessary. Our family custody attorney is happy to help even the odds and keep you from becoming a statistic. Even in this day and age, it's rare for a father to be awarded full custody, so it's best to go into the proceedings with an experienced attorney like ours.

Our Child Custody Attorneys Aim for a Fair Solution

You and your partner have 3 different options for dividing time for the two of you and your kids: full, joint, and shared. Full custody means one parent has the legal responsibility while the other has visitation rights, which tends to be what many parents go for. Shared is when custody and residences are split right down the middle, though judges and courts tend to view this negatively since it can lack stability. Joint is most favored, and involves shared custody, but one primary residence. Child support can be necessary in any of these. 

Only a family custody lawyer like the one at our firm is qualified to represent you professionally and attain a solution that's best for the children and you. We believe that fathers are equally as entitled to both physical and legal custody as mothers, and in some cases grandparents can be too. Our goal is to do everything we can to ensure that those deciding your family's fate see it the same way. You deserve to be treated like the capable caretaker and parent you are—not a deadbeat dad.

Stay a Part of Your Kids' Lives

Even if you haven't been awarded full custody, our child visitation lawyer can still help you to spend time with your children. We have the legal knowledge to perform custody modifications, so even if you've been shortchanged before, it may not always have to be that way. Talk to us today, and we'll help you be a part of those precious moments.

Begin securing legally protected time with your kids by contacting our office. We represent the fathers and grandparents of Pensacola, Escambia County, Santa Rosa Beach, and Milton, FL, and the surrounding areas.