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Of all the legal fields, family law is perhaps the most emotionally charged. Only experienced and qualified experts should ever provide representation in this area, and Kenny Leigh and Associates has a team full of those. Our family attorney in Pensacola, FL, serves all of our male clients with compassion, empathy, and respect while making the best interests of any children involved the main priority. Our divorce attorney can represent you in separation agreements, mediation, alimony, and more.

You won't find a more committed family law attorney than ours. The answers to any questions and the support you need during a tough time are always just a phone call away. Our client service is unmatched, and our experience spans more than 16 years. Whatever you may be dealing with is probably nothing we haven't seen and resolved before. No divorce or separation case should be taken lightly, and our attorney gives you the best legal service possible no matter the circumstances.

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The Benefit of Choosing a Family Attorney for Men

Our practice is exclusive to men because when it comes to family dynamics, they're too often seen as financial providers and nothing more. Though this can happen in any case, it's especially prevalent in child custody proceedings. The notion that men provide and the mothers stay home and spend time with the kids persists, which is unfair to both parties. We stick up for the rights of fathers to have their contribution to their children's lives be recognized as equally important. With us on your side, your voice will be heard.

Men can also go up against bias in terms of alimony, something our men's family attorney is dedicated to combating. Age-old preconceptions about gender roles have led some to believe it's the man's responsibility to support a wife because she cannot support herself. Such is not the case in this day and age, and our goal is to make the courts know it. We advocate your right to a fair rate of alimony if any is needed to ensure that you receive whatever you're entitled to.

We Know Florida Law

Since the outcome of your case will impact your life for the foreseeable future, it's in your best interests to hire an attorney who's well-versed in how Florida law treats these proceedings. Our family attorney has practiced in this great state for more than a decade and is qualified to represent men in mediation as well as in court. You can't go wrong when you go with us.

We look forward to defending your rights. Contact our firm if you're a husband or father in Pensacola, Ft. Walton, Escambia County, Santa Rosa Beach, and Milton, FL, and surrounding communities.