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Any time one’s family is involved in legal proceedings, it is a difficult and emotionally charged situation. Kenny Leigh & Associates is here to help you navigate through this difficult time, whether you are going through a divorce or fighting for custody over children. Our men-only family attorney in Pensacola, FL, is here to guide you through the entire process, giving you the compassionate legal counsel you deserve and the aggressive representation in court that you need.

With more than 16 years of experience, we have the expertise needed to give you the best chance possible at a positive outcome in your case. Regardless of what you’re facing, we have seen it and built a case to address it.

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Why Choose Family Lawyers for Men

We firmly believe that there is an imbalance in the way the court system treats men when it comes to divorce, child-custody, and alimony. Men are seen first and foremost as financial providers and seldom are seen as anything more. We aim to help correct this, fighting zealously to ensure that the courts treat men as equals to women in terms of child custody and financially culpability.

Likewise, men are rarely seen as needing protection. However, many divorce cases we oversee involve men seeking protection from abusive wives. That is why we can help get a protection order for men.

Contact us today to get a consultation on your family law case. We are proud to serve men throughout Pensacola, Florida.