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Few people want to go to court when they don't have to, and it's easy to see why. Court proceedings are long, drawn out, complicated, and often emotionally draining. If you've got a mediation attorney in Pensacola, FL, from Kenny Leigh and Associates, you can avoid that hassle. Mediation is a legal process that lets you and your spouse or partner settle your disputes outside of court, even in matters of child custody. We allow both parties the chance to have their voices heard and keep the children's best interests at the forefront.

Investing in an attorney for mediation means you receive the representation you need to make your contributions and role in the family clear. Moreover, Florida law requires mediation sessions before you can even go to a courtroom, thanks to the system being swamped with proceedings. Sometimes all it takes is a neutral third party to resolve even the most emotional of battles. Because these sessions can determine your outcome, the protection and representation we can offer is truly priceless.

Gavel and Mediation Attorney in Pensacola, FL

A Mediation Lawyer Can Speed Up a Stressful Experience

Everyone knows the wheels of justice turn slowly, and that's especially true in divorce proceedings that go through court. Months can pass before you even set foot inside a courtroom, and just one judge makes a decision that will affect the lives of your entire immediate family. We provide a better and more efficient option. Consulting with our lawyer for mediation purposes can save you and your loved ones tons of time and heartache. We'll help you work through whatever issues you're facing on your own, so it isn't left up to a judge.

The Importance of an Attorney for Mediation

Even when you decide not to go to court, proper representation is an essential asset. Gender biases against men's ability to be caretakers for children aren't confined to courtrooms. Our mediation lawyer's job is to keep them from interfering with your right to be a parent. Even if you're no longer a husband or partner, you will always be a father, and we stress the importance of that role in your kids' lives.

When it comes to your future, the possibility of alimony and dividing assets, and time with your kids, you don't want to take chances. Consult with us today, and you'll likely be grateful you did.

Contact us with any questions about the mediating process. We work with fathers and families from Pensacola, Escambia County, Santa Rosa Beach, and Milton, FL, and the bordering neighborhoods.