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If you're about to be a married man, Kenny Leigh and Associates offers a service you won't want to be without: prenuptial agreements in Pensacola, FL. These protect you and your spouse in the event of a divorce, adultery, or even death. If your spouse were to pass away without leaving a valid will, a prenuptial agreement could ensure their final wishes are carried out. Marriage is inevitably intertwined with finances, and a consultation with our family lawyer makes the difference in the security of those finances for each of you.

Both post marital and premarital agreements confer rights and responsibilities on the married parties. The only difference is that one is given before the marriage and the other one is provided after. In each case, the protections only work if you understand the current Florida laws behind them, and that's where we come in. We keep up with the changing rules and help you understand exactly how you'll be affected. You and your spouse deserve to feel good about your situation together, and that's what we're here to help you achieve.

Signing Document in Pensacola, FL

Post Marital Agreements Can Save Marriages

It's not unheard of for postnuptial agreements to improve marital relationships since they serve as prevention for miscommunication. Once each person knows what they have to do in clear terms, the relationship will likely be better for it. We represent men as they work toward agreements on all kinds of issues, such as: 

  • Visitation
  • Tax Issues
  • Pension Plans
  • Division of Debts
  • Spousal Maintenance Under State Law
  • Child Support Payments Under State Law
  • Pet Custody
  • Health Insurance
  • Property Division
  • Future Dispute Settlement
  • Disposition of the Marital Home

Our Separation Agreement Lawyer Offers Divorce Alternatives

Legal separation means you and your spouse separate while staying legally married by court order. You may wish to do this to keep your health benefits or to follow your religion; whatever your reason, we can make it happen. Though Florida doesn't recognize the concept, it does have provisions for child custody, visitation, and spousal support.

You could also try mediation, which grants the terms of the separation without having to involve the courts, and the terms would be enforced like a contract. Going through a court means a longer divorce, less control over alimony and division of assets, more attorney fees, and higher court costs. Our solution can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches and heartaches.

Contact our family law firm for more information on agreements. Our practice welcomes men from Pensacola, Escambia County, Santa Rosa Beach, and Milton, FL, and the neighboring areas.